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Tax Audit

Protecting your Practice from the Costs of Government Audits

Tax Audit Insurance

Tax Audit Insurance for accountants, and in turn your clients, protects you from the costs of managing government audits. The cover will pay your professional costs in the event of an official audit and is aimed at mitigating the damage of a protracted investigation. Where tax agents are required to spend considerable time assisting their clients navigate through the ongoing issues of an ATO or State Revenue audit, this policy can assist to fund the time taken.

What does this policy cover?

How much cover can I get?

Limits of Indemnity


What sets this policy apart?

It’s simple – you will be surprised how simple this policy is to apply for and administer. No need for time consuming client lists and frustrating follow up. We cover the practice, not the client.

It’s affordable – by working closely with our underwriters of the Professional Indemnity Insurance scheme, we have eliminated costly administration and management issues. This allows you to be provided with a very affordable premium cost.

It’s personal – personal assistance is available when required by our qualified consultants who will assist to set up your policy, program and provide ongoing service and support.

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