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About Us

The InterPrac Story

InterPrac helps accountants and financial planners deliver financial planning, insurance, finance, administration and technical support for their practice.

Founded in 2001, InterPrac has been helping accountants and advisers deliver quality financial service solutions for your clients, and is an excellent option for practices looking to expand the integrated and practical financial services you can offer to your clients.

We understand that by operating as an extension of your practice, this service we deliver is a reflection on you. This is a responsibility we take very seriously and we are committed to providing you with a professional experience every time.

By choosing InterPrac as your trusted financial services partner, you will have more time to focus on servicing your clients and providing them with valuable strategic advice.

We are the easy choice for financial service advice.



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Our Vision and Mission

At InterPrac, our vision is to become the first option to local and independently minded accountants and financial planners seeking professional and reliable financial service advice.  Our mission is to:

  • Add value to accounting and financial planning practices
  • Provide quality financial services solutions
  • Develop and maintain ongoing relationships with our partners
  • Ensure financial viability and solid returns to our stakeholders
  • Provide an easy option for technical support
  • Reward responsibility, innovation and integrity

Our Values

InterPrac Financial Planning, as part of Sequoia Financial Group, our mission is to become the premier financial services brand in Australia.

To achieve this, we must have core values that is expected from the community that seeks our services.

Our values include:

Integrity “Do the right thing” We promote honesty and openness in all that we do. Under promise and over deliver.

Inclusive We are inclusive in our approach and support diverse backgrounds and talents to deliver on our promises.

Collaborative We foster an environment of collaboration. We consider other’s needs and support a team learning environment.

Client Focus  Our customers are our lifeblood and need to be treated with respect. Providing quality advice, products and services that are in the best interest of the client is our priority.

Friendly Choose positivity, be a doer and show gratitude for those who help us.

Innovative  Delivery quality and encourage innovation to meet the  challenges that stand in the way of excellence.