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Becoming a Referral Partner

InterPrac is a safe and trusted referral partner, respectful of the primary relationship that exists between you and your client.  We value the opportunity to partner with you and your accounting business to help you grow.   When we enter into a referral services relationship with you, it is our expectation that we develop a strong and valuable referral partnership.

At InterPrac, we offer a range of referral services that can help you provide the right solutions to meet all of your clients’ needs, and protect your client relationships.  We help you to identify the right quality client referral opportunities to refer to InterPrac. Referrals partners receive a share of the fees generated from each successfully referred client, which enables you to earn additional passive revenue from these quality referrals, whilst being assured that your clients are still cared for.

InterPrac Referral Services include:

As a holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence and Australian Credit Licence we ensure your client is dealt with professionally and disclosures are made in line with all regulations.

How it Works

Step 1

Become an InterPrac Referral Partner.  It’s FREE to join and there are no lock in contracts.

Step 2

Meet with InterPrac’s referral team to identify the right client referral opportunities and discuss the appropriate finance solutions.

Step 3

Refer your client to InterPrac and be assured that they will be cared for with a professional and hassle free service experience.

Step 4

Receive a share of the fees generated from each successfully referred client.

Why Become a Referral Partner of InterPrac

Become a Referral Partner

To be considered to become an InterPrac Referral Partner please contact us on 1800 700 666 or send us an email to discuss further and to determine the appropriate referral services for your practice, which will also determine to the referral fees payable. Once invited to become a Referral Partner, you will need to sign an InterPrac Referral Services Agreement.

Already a Referral Partner?

You can refer your clients to InterPrac simply and quickly online.   Alternatively you can call the office on 1800 700 666 and speak with our dedicated team of finance consultants.