How do you manage your Approved Product List (APL)? | InterPrac

How do you manage your Approved Product List (APL)?

An Approved Product List (APL) is a list of investment, risk insurance products, superannuation and classes of financial product that the licensee has approved for use by its authorised representatives.

Our APL is managed by our Investment Committee. We have a diverse approved product list including ASX 300 shares (including Exchange Traded Funds and Listed Investment Companies) and the ability to seek approval for stocks outside the ASX 300, all insurance providers and all product platforms.

Advice on direct shares must be underpinned by qualitative research obtained from a qualified source, such as a stock broker or analyst.

Managed Funds must have a Recommended and Highly Recommended rating by Lonsec (a highly regarded independent research provider). However, we do look at research from other providers (such as Morningstar Research and SQM) if and when required.

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