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What planning software do you use?

Our mission is to help advisers build a profitable, sustainable business, and enable you to deliver an integrated and practical financial service solution to your clients. To support this endeavour, we recognise that many planners may have existing relationships with a variety of software providers and we work with those providers where possible to implement the InterPrac Financial Planning templates and tools.

Software costs are not included in Authorised Representative fees. You may choose to use any software you like. These costs will vary subject to the software you use and the modules you choose within it. We support Xplan, Midwinter and AdviserLogic software, plus Astute Wheel: Client Engagement Tools, which means you can have access to these at wholesale rates with all key documents coded for your benefit.

You are not required to have software if you do not wish to have it. You can use the broad collection of documents we have available including those of the software providers noted above, or alternatively, once approved by our Compliance Manager, you can use your own Fact Find and Risk Profile tools.

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