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The Docscentre Team

The Docscentre Team

The team can help you with setting up and amending your Companies, Trusts and SMSFs. They work closely with the in-house legal team to create high quality legal documents and provide the best service possible for our financial planners and accountants.

Nicole Koczak – Docscentre Manager

Toby Shen – Operations Assistant

Holly Edgerton – Operations Assistant

Alannah Shea – Operations Assistant

Amanda Butteriss – Operations Assistant

Alanna Adams – Operations Assistant

Katelyn Hague – Operations Assistant

Tameka Jones – Operations Assistant

Stephen Harvey – Legal Practice Director

Brett Davis – Technical Services Manager

Linda Shepherd  – Senior Associate

Anmol Seth – Lawyer

Sue Walton – Paralegal

Tayla Gannaway – Paralegal

Kellie Smythe – Marketing Coordinator

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