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Cyber Protection

Protecting your Practice from Cyber Attacks

Cyber Insurance for Accountants and your Clients

Cyber Insurance can protect your accounting practice and your clients against the damage that can be caused by cyber-attacks, and to equip yourselves with the tools you need to recover quickly.

Cyber-attacks are primarily the result of malicious software, which can cause denial of service or theft of confidential information. Despite having spam filters, antivirus software and firewalls installed, businesses are still being attacked. In these instances businesses can gain considerable benefit and peace of mind from Cyber Insurance protection.

Our Cyber Insurance policy is a unique insurance product with seven insuring clauses based on a modular form concept to suit our clients’ needs and price expectations. A tailored policy has been created just to cover risks commonly encountered by Accounting Practices. This policy can be purchased at a discounted rate for InterPrac clients covered under our Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy.  You can download a Cyber Protection Proposal here.

Coverage includes comprehensive professional services coverage for technology and miscellaneous professionals combined with a cutting edge privacy and cyber insurance solution. This provides unique first party cover such as privacy notification costs, data recovery and network business interruption as well as third party protection from media, intellectual property and privacy liabilities.

InterPrac believes Cyber Insurance products should be complemented by value added solutions and for this reason we partner with other professionals, including risk assessors, forensic experts, public relations firms and top tier legal advisers who together form our Incident Response Team.

If you would like a quote for your practice or a client, please download a copy of the Cyber Protection Proposal above.

What does Cyber Insurance cover?

Loss of a portable device containing confidential information such as financial records or identification documents.
A cyber policy will:
Indemnify you for legal liability, defence costs and fines (where insurable).
Malicious software bypasses your security defence preventing your practice from continuing its ordinary course of business and resulting in some data being deleted.
A cyber policy will:
Indemnify you for loss of business income, and costs that are incurred in restoring or replacing data.
Damage caused to hardware as a result of a fire, resulting in data not being machine readable.
A cyber policy will:
Indemnify you for costs incurred in restoring the data.
A breach of privacy caused by an employee deliberately disclosing client’s personal information.
A cyber policy will:
Cover the costs of managing the crisis such as legal expenses, postage and advertising expenses, for the purpose of alerting the clients and regulatory authorities that personal information has been compromised.

Already covered under our PI Insurance? To get a quote to compare the cost of cover, download a Cyber Protection Proposal above.


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